Friday, February 26, 2016

IOT Value Chain

I have been asked to explain Internet of Things (IOT) a few times and where does value lie in IOT.  Below is a diagram I have put together to consolidate it into a value chain.  Note that the below diagram applies both to IOT in batch and real-time.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Superbosses and innovation

Mr.Vivek Wadhwa writes in How I realized the incredible impact that great bosses have about the impact of great managers on their specific sectors and individuals.  The article further validated for me the fact that breakthrough innovation comes from outside the sector in consideration and that the managers play a key role in making sure that disruptions do not emerge from within the sector.  See my blog Innovation is coming from outside the sector here.

Vivek writes:

"Yes, I know that I got lucky in having good bosses; most are jerks who demotivate employees, slow their growth, backstab, and take credit for others’ work. You are usually stuck with whomever you get. But there is nothing that stops you from being a superboss. As you begin to achieve success, start helping others and nurturing your colleagues and subordinates. Show the leadership qualities that you’d like your own boss to have. You will gain as much as the people you help — and build a better company."

Vivek's article can be read here.