Monday, December 22, 2008

Manufacturing Excellence Awards

With a focus on British manufacturing industry, the MX Awards (website here), provide a an insight on what are the key evaluation criteria in manufacturing in this early part of the 21st century. I am confident there will be change and in short order when economics may trump "ease of use" in favor of "fulfillment of need", or vice versa when the health of the global financial markets returns and credits begins to flow again.

The Manufacturing Awards magazine 2008 is an excellent read here.

The list of the award categories are:
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Award for Customer Focus
  • Autodesk Award for Product Innovation
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers Award for Process Innovation
  • WMG Award for Logistics and Resource Efficiency
  • DMG Award for Business Development & Change Management
  • Professional Engineering Award for People Effectiveness
  • BP Award for Best Partnership between Business and Education
  • National B2B Centre Award for Integrated e-Business
  • ERIKS Award for Financial Management
  • Arup Award for Sustainable Manufacturing
  • National Skills Academy for Manufacturing Award for Manufacturing Excellence Best Small or Medium Enterprise
  • BERR Manufacturing Advisory Service Award for Manufacturing Excellence Overall Winner

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