Thursday, May 20, 2010

Development Sector

Having been engaged in the development sector for the past two years, I have discovered the difficulty the sector and people working in it face... i.e. their inability to move at speed, though they are tremendously dedicated and do not lack initiative.  In the Financial Times report on the sector:

" multilateral institutions and government development agencies work more closely with business, the non-profit sector faces the challenge of moving at the same fast pace as its private-sector partners."

"“Businesses take decisions faster than UN agencies,” says Ms Roman [director of communications, private partnerships and public policy at the UN World Food Programme]. “Right now, we’re partnering with Kraft and Unilever in Bangladesh. They’re eager to move tomorrow, and I’m eager too, but the system on our side doesn’t move that quickly.”"

Yet, public and private partnerships are enabling solutions to reach places where the needs are extreme, from medicine to shelter, clean water to education, self sufficiency to economic development.

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