Thursday, March 31, 2011

Natural Intelligence from Saffron Technology

Recently I wrote a response (see here) to a friend CIO at an analytics company's question on... What is transformative in the analytics space? What can work with entrenched platforms and systems while allowing for breakthroughs to occur?

Sounds like a familiar concern if you are a CIO of any company that deals with large amounts of data, hence, CPG, FMCG, airlines, finance, etc. The large investments in Oracle, SAS, SAP, etc. cannot be supplanted, yet they can be complimented.

I am on the Board of Advisor of what I consider the world's first data analytics company that unifies the transformation being desired, i.e. unification of semantics and statistics, in real time. Please see a set of video-logs that shares how Saffron is being used. With a bit of marketing, the examples will highlight the breakthrough.

See details here... enjoy!

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