Saturday, September 15, 2012

P&G - Higher Accuracy in Decisions Through Analytics

While reading old colleague Franz Dill's blog here, who served as P&G's Chief Scientist of Business Intelligence, I was prompted to collect few of Franz's blog posts to highlight Procter & Gamble's leadership in leveraging analytics to drive accuracy in decisions.

Here is the link to P&G's Business Sphere, "... a visually immersive data environment that transforms decision-making at P&G by harnessing real-time business information from around the globe."

Franz also points to an interview with P&G's CIO Filippo Passerini in Information Week.  Some insightful snippets from the article are:

"The decision cockpit is focused on forward-looking projections rather than historical reporting, with three-month, six-month and 12-month projected trend lines for market share, cost of goods, and margins. All of the data is drillable, meaning you drop down from the companywide views to study performance by country, region, brand, and product."

"With the success of the decision cockpit, P&G has been able to do away with more than 80% of the company's standardized business intelligence reports, according to Passerini. Most users embraced the new approach as more attractive and usable than spreadsheet-based reports sent by email, but in some cases users had to be "forced over the hump" of reliance on the old reports, he said."

"But there's isn't any one significant component of the decision cockpit or Business Sphere environment that came out of a box. It's a first-class, highly customized, and purpose-built system based on P&G's ambitious vision."

I am confident that if P&G is showcasing the Business Sphere this broadly, then it must be onto the next competitive advantage in analytics already.

Read the rest of the details here.

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