Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Worth revisiting: Jobs for new grads in oil and gas

I have received numerous calls and requests for employment in the past two months from new college engineering graduates and recent hires in oil and gas who have been laid off.

Its worth revisiting that things have not improved and continue to get worse in the jobs for new graduates of engineering disciplines focused on oil and gas.  The article "Is There Money to Be Made in Oil? New Grads Don't Think So" in Bloomberg here from January of 2015 still holds true as  towards the end of this year 2016 more layoffs are coming from the oil companies and oil and gas service providers.

Unfortunately, college graduates who are not able to pivot into sector independency and learn to learn the reapplication of their education and capabilities, will find it a hard life from now on.  The education that will remain premium and become more so as this century progresses will be in mathematics and computer science.

The impact of oil price drop in regions heavy on energy commodities based economies like Alberta is severe:

"Colleen Bangs, manager of career services at the University of Calgary, says only about a third of the 659 engineering students at the school have found placements for their year-long internships as companies cut back on campus recruitment.

"Something I've noticed, particularly in this last semester, is that there's a bit of an impending feeling of doom,'' said Bangs."

Read the article "Engineering Graduates Wait Up To 1 Year To Find Work" from April 2016 in The Huffington Post here.

I graduated as a Nuclear Engineer from Georgia Tech.  It is an industry that is perhaps the most heavily regulated amongst its peers.  I interned in the sector for a quarter and never reentered it.  I have looked at coming trends and redesigned my future and successfully delivered on it a few times.  My advice to those who have not been able to find jobs is to remember that fulfilling work is better than no work and work you love is even better.  Yet, to be the best of the best in a continuously changing world requires a tenacity and will to succeed that the college graduates have not had to deal with before.  It is due to the global talent availability and technologies march to commoditize what most colleges teach today.

The graduates can blame the colleges or the economy or etc. yet it is dependent on them to cause the change in their lives.  Action yields results not reactions in this case.

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