Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oil & Gas: Technology Opportunities

Please see an exceptional panel discussion highlighting the opportunities for technology and its applications in the oil and gas sector. I am confident that this was one of a handful of panel discussions to date that was candid, and cut out the noise to provide the facts.

This panel was conducted at TIECON 2015, which I moderated.  The panelist were:
  • Issam Dairanieh (Managing Director, BP Ventures)
  • Kemal Farid (Founder and CEO, Farid Ventures) 
  • Neal Dikeman (Senior Venture Principal, Shell Technology Ventures) 
  • Ricardo Angel (Managing Director, GE Ventures) 
  • Shantanu Agarwal (Partner, Energy Ventures) 

The main topics covered as they apply to oil and gas included big data, predictive analytics, communications, internet of things, sensors, and processing.

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