Sunday, January 17, 2016

Free Basics and India

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg provided India with an excellent opportunity via Free Basics.  Its blockage is not a failure but an idea which will be implemented in short order via the astute businessmen of India through their influence on the country's government.  Such is capitalism in a socialist country.

The Guardian writes in an article here:

"Rather than teaming up with the developing world’s universally loathed mobile companies to get them to zero-rate your offerings, why not optimize Android for P2P file-sharing of material downloaded and cached at wifi hotspots – file swapping being a very common, sociable practice already in play across the developing world – treating the telcos like the enemies of progress that they have always been, joining with users in subverting and sidelining them?

India’s got millions of activists with an open internet bandwagon we should all be jumping on, and the next billion will go to the company that figures out how to work with them."

Let's watch closely, there are a billion connections waiting to happen, and it is a gold mine for whomever corners the market.

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