Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Artificial Intelligence part of the 21st century corporate

At times it feels that some of the sectors that depend deeply on technology are oblivious to how their world is about to be disrupted from outsiders and where the future will be.  Case in point from an article via friend Mr. Pete Stuntz:

"… the launch of OpenAI, the billion-dollar nonprofit research center announced this week, opens a window into what some of the big thinkers in the computer science and business consider as opportunities and challenges."

Creative Destruction is to follow shortly, and IBM was not asked to be part of the founding group:

""The way software is eating the world today, well, AI will do that to software," says Amir Husain, CEO of Spark Cognition, an AI security startup in Austin, Texas.

He explained that many kinds of business software that replaced paper documents and in filing cabinets will eventually be transformed into a new format. And that format will likely be more user-friendly because of hard work done by artificial intelligence behind the scenes.

“All of these categories will be destroyed and remade, so there’s a lot of economic potential locked up in this,” says Husain. “It’s sort of like being the only guy in 1995 who knows HTML.”

And that, more than anything, is why the big brains in Silicon Valley and at other companies left out of the OpenAI effort are hustling to stake a claim in this space. Rob High, an IBM Fellow, and VP and CTO of IBM’s Watson Group, explained that the computing giant is interested in learning more about the organization and getting involved."

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