Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art of stating the obvious

McKinsey & Company's Mr. Marcel Brinkman, Mr. Scott Nyquist, Mr. Matt Rogers, and Mr. Richard Ward published "Five technologies for the next ten years" in September 2016. It is a good article consolidating technologies that will impact oil and gas. Though it is a delightful foray into stating the obvious, information that has been well know for the past two to four years.

"Five technologies will change the oil and gas industry: mobile will speed oilfield transactions, increase efficiency, and improve safety by removing people from harm’s way; the Internet of Things (IoT) will reduce the cost of repairs; machine learning will provide ever more optimal solutions to field challenges; robotics will upend the question of who does the work, and blockchain will make contracting faster and smoother than ever before."

Please read the obvious here!

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