Friday, May 23, 2008

Academic Capitalism

During my travels across the globe in the past ten years, I have noticed a larger presence of American Universities in the Gulf region. It is an interesting experience to be driving along the terminus of a distant nation 10,000 miles from home and out pops up George Mason University.

For me in today's ever flattening world, the last bastion of respect among nations and regions is the knowledge giver and knowledge creator. For academia, the two are intrinsically connected and are NOT mutually exclusive. A pure knowledge giver is a consulting company. A pure knowledge creator is a research and development facility. Universities are the roots of the tree on which the above two branches grow.

I will discuss my involvement in the business of knowledge in the upcoming blogs and place links here. For now, see this article from The New York Times reviewing the allure of money for the US academia to go overseas to the ongoing concerns and issues faced by the existing US universities overseas. (note: you may have to get a free log-in to NY Times first)

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