Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breakthrough Health Care Consumer Innovation in India

I am excited to showcase India Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, India here on my blog yet again (see previous entry here). The Economist has published an article "On the pulse" here regarding development of an artificial heart at IIT-KGP that will be going into human trials in a matter of a year or so. The cost will be 1/30th of the average cost of one developed in the USA with much less failure rates. Please click through to the article for detials.

I like to share the trend I have been observing - South Asian educated mind's movement from memorization of best practices and replication to challenging the learned behaviors and "creating" the next breakthrough.

"A new, low-cost design for an artificial heart takes its inspiration from an unusual source—the cockroach."

My congratulations to IIT-KGP! Brilliant.

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