Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brand Manager vs. Brand Advocate?

Forrester has finally caught up with the leading marketing companies of today!  Forrester published a report recommending the shift from the designation "Brand Manager" to "Brand Advocate" in their report - "Adaptive Brand Marketing: Rethinking Your Approach To Brands In The Digital Age", here.

I was activitly engaged in creating this new pathway seven years ago at PG-Tremor, details here.  The Advertising Age magazine states as much in their article, "Why its time to do away with the brand manager", here:

"Executives of big marketers Procter & Gamble and Unilever note that they're already doing much of what Forrester recommends.  The global brand strategist/local brand advocate breakdown, for instance, resembles how they and other big household and personal-care marketers already organize."

I remember one of the big moments was when the brand managers discovered they had minimal to no insights on the digital social networks driven communities of choice forming around the "choice" i.e. the brand that fulfilled a need.  The AdAge articles states this to be a necessity today:

"[Rex Briggs] believes marketers in the digital age need to be more "numerate", with more training in research and analytics..."

Interestingly, I remember listening to Paul Poleman current CEO of Unilever when he was at P&G about the importance of information technology in reaching the consumer.  He is quoted in the article stating:

"Web-enabled consumer intelligence may be one of the biggest benefits of social media for marketers."

The astute will note that Mr. Poleman used the words "intelligence" not analytics!

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