Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pakistan - Flood Donation

A large number of folks have asked me to suggest a trusted source where they can donate for the Pakistan flood relief efforts.

I am an Advisor to Ms. Sarah Hashwani, Chariman of Board of Directors of the Hashoo Foundation and the Foundation itself, a family philanthropic organization that has been working in Pakistan for quite a few years, see website here. The foundation has UK and USA (501c3) offices and conducts philanthropic efforts in the two countries as well.

I have worked with the organization and have been impressed with the excellent recipient services the foundation offers. I have met many individuals whose lives have been transformed through the foundation's work. One of the breakthrough recipient service innovations the foundation delivered "Plan Bee" won the BBC World Challenge Award, see detail here.

As you review the Foundation's site, you will notice that it has both a current support focus and long-term rehabilitation plan as well. Rehabilitation will be key to the recovery of the country.

Thank you for choosing to donate whether through the Hashoo Foundation or another source.

Pakistan Flood Relief Donation - here.
Note that you can send a check to the US based organization along with being able to donate through PayPal.

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