Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Organizational Transformation in the Financial Sector Due to HFT

"The rapid-fire growth of high-frequency trading, HFT, has spawned a new breed of market mavens whose backgrounds are far different than the traditional suit-clad Wall Street titans.  Their resumes are rich in rocket science and other non-financial fields and they may never have traded a stock, read an earnings report or scrutinized a balance sheet.  They are engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists—armed with cutting-edge technology and often located hundreds of miles from New York City."

Mr. Dharm Kapadia forwards an excellent article on a trend that is rapidly becoming mainstream in the financial sector holistically, see "Man Vs. Machine: The New Kings Of Wall Street" at CNBC here.  Please see my previous post on high frequency trading "Dis-ruptive Innovations - Technology in Retail Investment Sector" here.

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