Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazon.com: Creatively Destructive

Amazon.com - I will remember the days when Amazon.com started, internet based book seller, hard to find books.

Today, Schumpeter would be smiling to see his concept of Creative Destruction realized in this company.  Amazon has successfully ushered in a new way to deliver on the same need, upending incumbents:

"Within a few years, Amazon.com’s creative destruction of both traditional book publishing and retailing may be footnotes to the company’s larger and more secretive goal: giving anyone on the planet access to an almost unimaginable amount of computing power."

Like water for a human, computing holds the same for the 21st century organization, from a university to a for profit corporation. And the ones who learn how to successfully harness this power for extreme acceleration of time in their businesses, or exponential cost reduction, or etc. will be the leaders in their sectors. See multitude of examples in the article, linked below.

"Action in the Cloud, Amazon Reshapes Computing" in The New York Times here continues with:

"According to an executive with knowledge of Amazon’s operation who was not authorized to speak publicly, just one of the 10 data centers in Amazon’s Eastern United States region has more servers dedicated to cloud computing than does Rackspace, a public cloud company serving 180,000 businesses with more than 80,000 servers."

The question is, who will lead when everything starts to go at the speed of light?

"The efficiency of this hyper-aware environment is already remaking jobs for many and will most likely dislocate more. “You can now test a product against millions of users for just a few thousand dollars, or start a company with just one or two people,” said Graham Spencer, a partner at Google Ventures, which invests in data-heavy start-ups that rely on such cheap computing. “It’s a huge change for Silicon Valley.”"

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