Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Entrepreneurial high-tech industry growth declines in the US

My last blog was about the value of skilled immigrant's driven knowledge creation and its impact on economic growth in the US, see here.

This progress has had a decline per a recent report.  From "Why Immigrant Entrepreneurship Is Stalling" in Bloomberg Business Week here:

"In Silicon Valley, it declined from 52.4 percent to 43.9 percent during the same period. Kauffman extrapolates that tech firms with immigrant founders employed about 560,000 workers and generated an estimated $63 billion in sales from 2006 to 2012. Native-born entrepreneurs aren't making up the difference. Their startup rate has remained relatively flat over the last 16 years, and declined in 2011, according to Kauffman's most recent index that tracked new business creation from 1996 to 2011."

See further coverage in media in the following: Washington Post here, and Forbes here.

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