Monday, February 11, 2013


Previous Procter & Gamble colleague Franz Dill writes about gamification here.  Collaboration and competition driving management of behavior to direct and produce specific results... magic, gold dust, music to the ears of corporate managers?

And here is a TED talk by Jane McGonigal on the subject.

The Economist's Schumpeter pipes in with some insights here, though it warns:

"Level-headed management types, meanwhile, say that many of the aspects of gamification that do work are merely old ideas in trendy new clothes. High-score lists for sales staff, for example, have been around for decades, as have employee-of-the-month contests. Airlines were giving points and perks to loyal customers long before anyone had heard of “Farmville”."

Needless to say, angel investors, and venture capitalists are jumping on the hype cycle.  Get ready to for gamification of cooking to shampooing of your hair to gamifying consumption of utterly repulsive food and that too for babies.  I am interested in seeing what do the management consultants come up with!

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