Sunday, September 8, 2013

Power of Vision

Mr. Elon Musk is in the rocket business! A brilliant and serial entrepreneur, he heads SpaceX.  In all his ventures, I believe he looks at a future he wants to create, which most will not believe, or disagree with, yet he delivers.

Take for example the two companies that NASA has awarded International Space Station resupply contracts to - Orbital Sciences and SpaceX.  While reading an article on both, it was clear that SpaceX's rocket Falcon is designed with a breakthrough vision while Orbital Sciences' Antares is for the immediate.  The Article states:

"Musk's Falcon is designed to be scalable, with more engines - because ultimately he plans to send this space Ferrari to Mars.  The ISS is just a stepping stone."

Creative vision is the impetus to human innovation.

Please read more about Mr. Musk here.  Please read the Wired article here.

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