Thursday, November 19, 2015

Khosla on IT today

Via good friend Mr. Vish Mishra, article in the Business Insider, "Billionaire investor Vinod Khosla: IBM and Dell haven't had 'one new idea over the last 30 years'".

I had an awesome time in late 80s and all through the nineties building computer systems, writing software and firmware, building enterprise systems that scaled to 100s of millions of users... till the early 2000s. At that point I left IT because it was commoditized in every sector I stepped in.  Some sectors leveraged advanced Information Technology well, such as Finance and Banking, Consumer Product Goods and Retail, while some were adopting it slowly like Healthcare and Utilities.

Today I work in a Oil and Gas sector where I find myself fascinated by the inability (on average) to comprehend the power of advanced IT, let's pick one thing, the cloud.  Some of the players look like they reside in a mud hut with candle lights in comparison to other sectors, the most entertaining of (nonsensical) common wisdom being that the cloud is unsecured.  Another area is advanced data-driven analytics.  O&G is a deeply physics based sector, yet data analytics is able to drive solutions in places where physics needs complementation, where physics cannot be applied, or where complete system understanding does not exist to apply physics.  Yet, the stolid mindsets persist.

And this is where the opportunity for exceptional growth and next level of productivity exits.  Mr. Vinod Khosla's comments are a foresight as I translate them for O&G that it could look to the IT future being created by Google and Amazon to solve problems in new ways.

"Speaking of Dell, EMC, and IBM, he said, "They've not introduced what I consider one new idea over the last 30 years....Mostly they've spent their last few years engineering financials.""

"So what is Khosla looking for when he invests? "Who's inventing the future that's dramatically changes the world.""

Read the article here.

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