Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ad Age Disappoints - iPhone OS 4 Multi-tasks

Ad Age writes in Apple Brings Multitasking, Skype Support to iPhone Update here, "The new software answers many developers' and consumers' requests, especially with features like some multitasking support, a unified e-mail inbox, better VoIP calling, and a social-gaming network. It's cool that you'll be able to listen to Pandora radio and make Skype calls while reading e-mail and surfing the Web."

The statement in the article "These are fine features, but nothing revolutionary" shows that Ad Age has to go a ways to comprehend technology.  Multi-tasking implies that emergency messaging can get through, automated email updates, superior use of bandwidth when available, continuous consumer engagement solutions, continuous monitoring solutions in healthcare, etc. etc.

I'm disappointed in Ad Age!

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