Monday, April 19, 2010

CK Prahalad - RIP

CK Prahalad passed away in San Diego recently.  The top fundamental and foundational business trans-formative concepts he developed that any management executive knows are - analysis of how multinationals operate in "The Multinational Mission" - concept of "core competencies" in "Competing for the Future" - co-creation with customers and consumers in an interconnected world in "The Future of Competition" - challenge to businesses to serve billions of people earning a few dollars a day in "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid".

CK Prahalad was a Global Charter Member of The Indus Entrepreneurs - the world's largest non-profit organization promoting entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and education.  I am a Charter Member of TIE and President elect (TIE-Carolinas) as well and find the group to be an exceptional wealth of superb minds.

CK Prahalad will be missed.

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