Saturday, January 10, 2015

Land Rover Defender: In praise of an icon at an end

"Airbags, low emissions, all seats facing forward and pedestrians’ rights do not fit easily into the Land Rover ethos. They are blamed for delivering the coup de grâce."

Bemoans an article in The World in 2015 by the Economist regarding the Land Rover Defender here.  Having had the privilege to have driven one into a rice paddy filled with water at the age of 12 and then having driven it out, washing it down at a friend's "tube well", my uncle the owner none the wiser of anything happening, I can attest to the Defender's abilities.  It is sad to hear that this icon will be concluding its life shortly.  The picture reproduced from the the magazine here speaks volumes!  Given of course you know who the driver is.

Land Rover Defender, RIP!

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