Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Middle East: Recipe for a state's health and prosperity

The World in 2015 by the Economist provides insights and foresights for the Middle Eastern countries in its article "It's not all bad" here.

One perspective:

"… the misery of others helps some to thrive. So it is with Dubai. Although the Gulf emirate’s rulers have worked long and hard to make the city-state a better place to live and work, the failure of other regional governments has also driven Dubai’s phenomenal success. Whenever Saudi Arabia or Iran hurl more dissidents in jail, whenever India or Pakistan overtax business, whenever wars and revolutions erupt nearby, entrepreneurial talent and capital gush into Dubai."

Another perspective:

"Since it joined the OECD in 2010, Israel has outperformed the rest of the rich-country club on many measures. GDP per person matched Italy’s in 2013. After decades of reliance on foreign aid, Israel now has a healthy trade balance as well as a stock of some $80 billion in investment overseas. Energy dependence is also a thing of the past: Israel has been quick to exploit abundant offshore gas reserves, which already fuel most electricity generation. Meanwhile a virtuous circle involving high-quality universities, strong government backing and dynamic entrepreneurs generates continued innovation and success in the high-tech sector, exemplified in 2014 by Intel’s decision to expand its already large manufacturing presence with an additional $6 billion microchip factory."

Let's see how 2015 unfolds.

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