Monday, April 13, 2009

Consumer Spending Vs. Savings in the USA

In The McKinsey Quarterly, "The economic impact of increased US savings" here. Here are a few quantitative insights based on the fact that household incomes have not been growing and in some cased globally have been decreased, a recent example being renegotiation of contracts at automakers in Germany.

"...holding incomes constant, each percentage point increase in the savings rate translates into roughly $100 billion less in consumer spending¬. A 5 percent savings rate would mean $530 billion less in spending each year if US incomes fail to rise; if they rose by 2 percent a year, a 2.3 percent savings rate would mean $250 billion less spending, all else being equal."

The conclusion:

"But without significant income gains, deleveraging could undermine consumption and the global economy for years to come."

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