Saturday, April 4, 2009

Open Innovation Driven Solutions for the Poor

Interesting article by Ms. Tara Acharya of the Rockefeller Foundation "Users can drive creative innovation for the poor" here. The author believes that Open Innovation can help deliver to the poor of the world that is either not developed for them or if provided, does not deliver the service required. The article states:

"Innovation guru Eric von Hippel of the US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology says users are motivated to develop and modify products and services "because they can't get from the manufacturers exactly what they want". "

As I have stated before, I believe satiated people do not innovate. Open Innovation may truly find the breakthrough it promises through consumer innovation or User Driven Innovation (UDI) in the poor of the developing countries - because the desperate need for survival and a desire for a better life lies with them. The article gives an example:

"The Rural Innovations Network, based in India, takes another approach to UDI. It identifies, incubates and distributes grassroots technological innovations that can have a significant impact on rural lives. For example, it helped an innovator develop a novel energy-efficient burner for kerosene stoves that is cheaper, longer-lasting, safer and easier to maintain than conventional burners — making it appealing to the rural consumer. The Rural Innovations Network provided the innovator with critical market research and marketing services."

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