Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rebranding Zhongnanhai

By way of Mr. Tony Tsai, Chief Executive Officer – BHG Retail Innovation Institute & Executive VP Operations – The BJ Hualian Hypermarket Co. from China:

"Experts ask to discontinue use of Zhongnanhai as a cigarette brand; it may mislead consumers ThinkTank Research Center for Health Development will submit a petition to the Trademark Appraisal Committee under the State Administration of Industry and Commerce asking it to discontinue the use of "Zhongnanhai [pinyin]" - the name of the central leadership compound - as a cigarette brand. Using the sacred place's name as that of a cigarette brand is misleading to consumers. Buyers feel the cigarette brand is acknowledged by the central government and see it as a symbol of high quality and authority. Some legal experts believe using Zhongnanhai as a brand violates the Trademark Law. According to Article 10 of the Trademark Law, names of a central government office location cannot be used as brands."

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