Friday, April 3, 2009

Cisco to make SmartPhones

Since I published my blog on Cisco being the 21st century eCPG leader here, I have been provided with some insightful links on Cisco's further plans in the eCPG sector.

In an article "Are Smartphones on Cisco's Wish List?" here on Chinese website C114, analyst Mark Sue of RBC Capital Markets is stated as declaring:

"Considering its big push into the consumer market, we believe Cisco may be developing a smartphone of its own, slated for mid-2010."

To further the claim, the article cites:

"On Mar. 31, Cisco was awarded a patent for managing time delays in relaying video wirelessly to consumer electronics devices. The same day, it received a patent for a network-connected phone able to stream video. Many of Cisco's recently filed patents mention a personal digital assistant as a device that could potentially use the innovations described."

The article also provides good insights on the USA's broadband capabilities reaching a point where tele-presence will start to become a retail service along with cable TV, etc.

I look forward to the consumer digital services and values generated through competition.

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