Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arab Brands?

"There are no strong, Arab brands. Dates could have been the best brand. When you think chocolate, you think Switzerland and Godiva, ... But which brand do you think of when you say 'date'?"

So states my friend Mr. Abed Bibi, Managing Partner Wolff Olins, based out of Dubai. Bold statement while being true. Read further insights from Abed at Media Week Middle East here from pages 12 to 13.

I would like to provide a counter point with one specific example, Arabs are the only ethnic group that continues to wear their customary clothing when engaged professionally or politically even outside of the region. That is identity in itself.

Abed does believe Dubai to be a brand, while stating:

"Dubai is a lot more than what's the largest or the biggest. It's about the people, the traditions, the culture, the values, the hospitality..."

I would add something more tangible for the consumer of Dubai i.e. its visitors, its citizens, its laborers, etc. - Dubai is a megalopolis (and growing) without the crime or close to none. This cannot be stated of just about any other major city in the world. Powerful!

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