Monday, March 16, 2009

Culinary Consumer Proposition

Chef Roy Choi states in a podcast regarding the Kogi Taco Truck (details here):

"Instead of creating that barrier of tablecloth and waiter, or pretension or anything, what we’ve done is really just break it all the way down to its purest form and brought people out to the streets. Our dining room is the streets."

Listen to the podcast with a slide show here.

Kogi Tacos are an invention by the consumer for the consumer delivered to the consumer in the simplest of consumer desired formats.  Is this scalable?  Is this a temporary market place?  I do not know all the answer, yet I believe this is the future of consumer led innovation that cannot be duplicated in controlled environments.

For example, the above can be contrasted with Culinary Innovation Centers being developed.  Please see a blog by colleague Franz Dill here on the subject.

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