Thursday, March 19, 2009

China Declared as an Equal to USA on the World Stage

An email from The Economist:

"Dear Reader,
There is a sense in Beijing that this is China's moment. Its leaders nolonger stick to the script that China is a humble player in worldaffairs that wants to focus on its own economic development. InsteadChina is a "great power", which can chide America for its profligatespending, harass its spyships and treat a visiting Hillary Clinton asan equal. As for Europe, that distant, elderly speck on the horizon,it can be safely ignored: France is still blacklisted for daring totalk to the Dalai Lama. Geopolitics is now a bipolar affair, withAmerica and China the only two that matter. Thus in London next monththe real business will not be the G20 meeting but the "G2" summitbetween Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao. This week we look atChina's new role in the world. Even if its new assertiveness reflectsweakness as well as strength, its relative power is growing--and boththe West and China itself need to adjust to this.

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