Monday, March 9, 2009

China Investing in Europe

China is on to its second round of investments in Europe. An excerpt from The American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Republic of China news article "Business delegation of over 20 Chinese enterprises flies to Europe for investment":

"March 7, another Chinese delegation comprised of businesses and industry leaders led by the Ministry of Commerce leaves to visit four European countries for investment and economic cooperation. The delegation is heading for Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Britain. The new delegation will explore investment opportunities in the areas of automobiles, machinery, textile, food, electronics and energy-conservation and environmental protection technologies. The delegation is composed of more than 20 top Chinese companies as well as several national trade associations and government officials."

A recent visit by a Chinese delegation is covered in the article "China spends $10b in Germany" here which states:

"Feb. 25-26, Minister of Commerce Chen Deming leads a business delegation to pay a visit to Germany and Switzerland. A total of 36 procurement contracts worth of more than $10b are signed between Chinese and German companies on Feb. 25. The Chinese business delegation arrives in Switzerland on Feb. 26. The two countries sign a Memorandum of Understanding to boost joint work in energy saving, environmental protection and trade & economy. In addition, the Chinese business delegation inks trade deals worth more than $300m with Swiss companies, such as ABB and Holcim for technical software, advanced electrical equipment, metals and raw materials."

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