Friday, March 20, 2009

Innovations from Developing Nations

An article from Fast Company "How Innovations from Developing Nations Trickle-Up to the West" here by way of Mr. Karthik Meda. The article states:

"Innovation has always been about people in rich nations getting the latest stuff and the rest of the world getting our castoffs as our markets scale and prices come down."

The above statement highlights the narrow approach to thinking about innovation. The above statement may not be wholly correct, and a few of my friends living and working in the developing worlds may just simply smile at the above observation and shake their heads.

I believe the article may have been a good read, say ... 15 years ago. Multi-Nationals recognized these aspects ages ago, built innovation centers in the regions where the creativity was needed and delivered to the consumer. Please search my blog for a plethora of global examples of innovation delivering on the need from the developing world.

Overall, the article disappoints.

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